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Youth Soccer Coach is a unique soccer coaching source that provides everything you need to be the best soccer coach you can be. We have soccer coaching resources that share position information, practice plans, videos, tips, techniques, moves, drills, strategy and more. Youth Soccer Coach helps coaches with players between six and 18 years old. Some notes about membership:

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Here is what this website has to offer the aspiring soccer coach:

  • SOCCER VIDEOS – Over 130 of the best, instructional soccer videos on the Internet, in 12 categories.
  • SOCCER TEMPLATES – We have soccer positions templates, blank soccer field diagram to diagram plays and explain concepts to your players, 3D blank field diagram which provides a unique perspective of the field for your visual learners on your team, a team calendar, soccer practice plan, game schedule and more.
  • SOCCER POSITIONS DIAGRAMS – Graphical, colorful, easy to understand, and very educational soccer positions diagrams. If you need soccer formations, game plays, soccer practice drills, games to play during soccer practice, or anything else, we have it.
  • SOCCER FIELD DIAGRAMS – We have a scoring zone definition, defensive and offensive positioning explanation, player lane responsibilities and more.
  • SOCCER PLAYS – Complete explanations of plays, such as a give and go, a crossing pass, corner kick strategy, penalty shot strategy, and a ton more.
  • MISCELLANEOUS – Substitution templates, roster template, study sheets to hand out to players / parents, basic and advanced strategy review documents, zone explanations, and more.
  • BOOKS – Electronic books (PDF eBooks) to help youth soccer coaches learn some of the finer points. We have books about motivation, teaching a love for the game, and more.
  • And all of our training documents come in printable and editable formats (PDF, MS Office, Open Office) so you can make them your own!