Soccer Tryouts Skills Worsheet Updated

Soccer Tryouts Skills Evaluation Worksheet

Soccer tryouts are coming up soon! You’ll be assessing the skills of your potential players. You’ll need a way to track each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Get more organized and run a smoother soccer evaluation session by having your own worksheet to track each player so you have someting to reference after tryouts are over.

The team at Youth Soccer Coach  just updated the evaluation worksheet for soccer tryouts to be used for judging youth soccer player skills and assessing each soccer player. It is a tremendous worksheet for taking notes during soccer tryouts, evaluating soccer skills. It will help you assess what position might be the best fit for your soccer players skills after tryouts have ended.

Soccer Tryouts – Made Easy!

There are over 160 criteria in the soccer tryout worksheet to assess the soccer skills of your players. Use as may as you want and ignore the rest. The worksheet is totally customizable, just delete what you don’t want, and add what you need.

The soccer tryout skills criteria are divided into categories such as:

  1. fundamentals
  2. offensive skills
  3. defensive skills
  4. goalkeeper skills
  5. general skills
  6. personality characteristics
  7. mental attributes
  8. physical characteristics

Here is an example of just one of the eight pages in this soccer tryouts worksheet.

Soccer Tryouts Worksheet

Check it out on the “downloads” / “for coaches” page. Just click here to go there now!